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freeman explains

the things that can change that should change

an amazing book by
a fascinating author- -"an american genius"

about the author

Michael Freeman Ph.D.

If someone claims they can singlehandedly revolutionize entire industries, you

 should laugh and walk away. Except if that person is one of America’s top

technology developers who (along with his behavioral science background)

 has successfully done this very thing many times before.

His targets within this book? Putting American elections online with a system

as secure as bank accounts, technologically preventing kids from access to

 the ravages of  internet pornography, why women’s rights are waning and

what to do about it, parental re-empowerment, crime, teens regarding sex,

policing, and for those wanting to be inventors, he devotes a chapter to how

it’s done. This book is fascinating and riveting. Like no other you ever read!

As one reviewer put it, “I have never read
a book like this and probably never will. It
 is a MUST read for parents and teens.”

All Author profits from the sale of this book go to charity

about the book

Freeman Explains
The book is a riveting analysis of our times by an extraordinary individual. His name is Michael J. Freeman, Ph.D., and he has been doing this his entire life, and nobody does it better. He has the uncanny ability to see needs before they occur and create solutions (and often technology) to meet them. In this book, he does it for us. He peers into America’s future. and identifies problems and areas that must be addressed today. Many of these problems involve the psychological health of children. The book tackles challenging issues, but the author has solutions.

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 Dr Michael J. Freeman’s book “Freeman Explains” is skillfully written and thought-provoking. This book explores a wide range of subjects. Although they are not the most well-liked subjects, they are nonetheless significant. Parenting, family-related issues, porn and pornography effects, sex, drugs, child abuse, and other topics.

The focus of this book is not Freeman’s beliefs per such, but rather certain historical events that he expands upon to illustrate his viewpoints. This is the ideal book to read if you’re looking for something to broaden your thinking.

Pornography… We Need To Save Our Children

Michael J. Freeman essentially deconstructs and addresses some of the most uncomfortable yet prevalent issues in our hyperconnected Internet world—rampant, unrestrained sexuality directed at young brains and how that is hurting society. “Freeman Explains”—a book that is both essential and brutally honest.

Freeman, who sees adolescent minds and bodies becoming contaminated and perverted from all sides, is particularly concerned about easy access to all sexual images, activity, and gatherings over the Internet. Pornographic conventions change people’s conduct, often not for the better, especially when they are young and lack the maturity and background knowledge to understand the implications.

Beginning with Chapter 1, “Separating Kids from Porn,” he establishes the book’s tone. He doesn’t let up in his straightforward reporting of how the Internet, social media, educational systems, parental control and supervision, movies, television, and more are wreaking slow but steady havoc on individuals’ lives, families, communities, and society. Be prepared for stark honesty, illustrations of previous social conventions, negative effects of family conflict, and a passionate call to action.


The Right Way Of Voting

Michael J. Freeman is a man with many incredible skills, including inventing high-tech products and innovations of many kinds, as well as predicting how the future of technology will affect computer science, telecommunications, cable TV, and smart toys. He has focused his attention on human nature and society in Freeman Explains: The Things That Can Change That Should Be Changed, looking back through time and forward into an uncertain and hopeless future.

Michael Freeman discussed online voting for people in America in his book. In addition, he has invested a chapter mentioning investor tips, his exciting ideas, inventions and technologies in his book. Freeman’s work in creating and deploying new technologies is famous and unparalleled.

By bringing everything online and supporting an open architectural formulation based on his fundamental concepts, such as the best online voting system, Freeman finishes the book by pushing for a comprehensive reform of American elections. Unfortunately, his ideas are radical, divisive, and certain to infuriate many people with staked-out interests.

Drug Addiction… An Alarming Issue Discussed By Freeman

This book touches on both drug addiction and the prevalence of violence in our daily lives. Unfortunately, it does appear that some of us have become less sensitive to violence, which is really upsetting to witness in today’s society. However, Freeman believes that issues like these have been ignored and that we must work hard to address them.

Michael Freeman talks about the most significant way to prevent kids from using highly addictive narcotics, which he did and did for the rest of his life. Next, he discusses the behavioural aspects of today’s Politically Correct (PC) compromised parenting and why American society’s treatment of women is at an all-time low. Finally, he talks about more significant problems and offers fixes.


Concerns regarding children’s health and well-being are raised by the accessibility of online pornography. The potential risks of repeated exposure and several effects of pornography on the brain are discussed in Michael Freeman’s book. The prevalence of children’s online access to pornography has increased. Children and teenagers who use email or the Internet risk being unintentionally exposed to porn. Although access can be blocked and filtered, unintended or deliberate exposure is always possible. Children and young people may suffer detrimental consequences from ongoing pornographic exposure.

The government has a variety of responsibilities in addressing social issues. Depending on the nation, they may be more or less involved, but generally speaking, they function as the judges and enforcers of morality. They work to alleviate citizens’ problems while advancing the ideals of that particular society.

Dr Michael J. Freeman’s novel Freeman Explains a skillfully written and thought-provoking. This book explores a wide range of subjects. Although they are not the most well-liked subjects, they are nonetheless significant. Parenting, porn, sex, drugs, and other topics. The novel contains a lot of information from the author. It’s quite fascinating.

The author raises many noteworthy points. There was one such in the first chapter. The author points out that we need child protection from online filth. The author’s facts about parenting were excellent. The author made a particularly significant statement: “How we raise our children counts.”

Children’s sense of safety and security is negatively impacted by constant and severe conflict or arguing between parents, which affects their relationships with their parents and other people. Adjustment troubles are also correlated with parental conflict that focuses on child-related concerns, especially when it makes kids feel responsible for their own problems.

Technology expert and author Michael J. Freeman, PhD, developed the underlying technology that enabled computers to speak, touch-tone phone branching, 2xl Robot, smart toys, and several robotics and artificial intelligence (AI) advancements. He uses his in-depth understanding of technological potential as the foundation for the discussion of his worries about where we are and where we might be going, should we not all become aware of grave possibilities, in this brief but fascinating book.

ดีที่สุดในบรรดาคาสิโน เว็บ เว็บพนัน –


Brad Butler

Michael J. Freeman is man with a variety of amazing talents, from designing high-tech inventions and products of all sorts to divining how the next generation of tech will impact the nature of computer science, telecommunications, cable TV and smart toys. In Freeman Explains: The Things That Can Change That Should Be Changed, he has fixed his gaze upon human nature and society, peering back through time and towards a future which appears cloudy and bleak. He sets the tone from the outset with Chapter One, Separating Kids from Porn, and doesn’t let up in his honest reporting of how the Internet, social media, educational systems, parental supervision, movies, television, and more, are causing the slow and steady destruction of lives, families, communities and society. Expect brutal honesty, examples of past societal norms, quaint family stories and a fervent call to action. Easy Internet access to all kinds of sexual images, activity and meetings are of particular concern to Freeman, who sees young minds, and bodies, getting polluted and twisted from all sides. The norms transmitted by pornography alters human behavior, and not for the better—especially for young minds with a lack of intellectual capacity and historical knowledge to discern the difference. Freeman ends the book by proposing wholesale reform of U.S. elections by moving everything online and advocating for an open architecture formulation based on his fundamental designs. His proposals are revolutionary, controversial and sure to draw the ire of many whose vested interests are at stake. Essentially, Michael J. Freeman breaks down and tackles some of the most uncomfortable yet pervasive topics in our hyper-connected Internet world—rampant, unabashed sexuality targeted at young minds and how that is destroying society. Freeman Explains is a book that is brutally honest but vitally important.

Christopher AC Wiley.

Sometimes, parents are compelled to give their children more privileges than their age. And the most common example is wide internet access and fulfilling their unnecessary demands of buying gadgets beyond their age limit. As a parent, I understand the significance of teaching young kids the good and wrong use of the internet and especially educating them about the bad impacts that internet can have on their young minds. The book 'Freeman Explains' by author Michael Freeman literally explains how things can escalate for the worse if parents do not monitor their children's activities, which could lead to severe consequences. This book was an eye-opener for my husband and me. Even since we finished reading it, we've been more vigilant in keeping track of all personal gadgets we give to our children. We can now ensure a parental lock on immoral websites or applications. I'd recommend every parent to give this book a thorough read!

Grady Harp, Amazon Top 100 Hall of Fame Reviewer ‘Psychological and behavioral damage is occurring, and it will get worse.’

“This is an important book!”


Kids need to be separated from the ravages of internet porn. Many youths start seeing porn at age ten! Dr. Freeman says the internet can be altered to protect kids and tells us what to do next.

Steven Robinson.

I believe there was a strong message behind the author’s intuition when he wrote the book ‘Freeman Explains’. We all must break the stereotypes of not discussing what is considered ‘taboo’ in our society. Youngsters getting addicted to porn is something everyone needs to shed light on and the horrible effects it can have on their developing minds. As a psychologist, I strongly encourage all platforms emphasizing sex education and making people understand, especially the youths, the hazardous impacts porn addiction can do on their mental health. The author of the book Michael Freeman has flawlessly presented a set of complete guidelines on what porn can do to young minds and what destructive potential it has if it’s not stopped. A must-read book for parents of the young ones, school teachers, and guardians as well because children from a young age need to understand the basics of what is a good watch and what is a bad watch for their physical and mental health.

Abel E Velazquez.

The part that intrigued and fascinated me the most about the book ‘Freeman Explains’ by Michael Freeman is that he intended to educate people about the harmful impacts of watching porn along with real-life invaluable lessons that he learned when growing up as a child. I specifically loved the part when the author mentioned a small section in his book about his parents’ life. A personal story of his parents being young and virgins when they got married and took sex as part of their life from start to the end. They were a happy couple, loved each other with all their heart, and educated good moral lessons about physical intimacy with their child (the author). Of course, this is something every parent should provide to their children from an early age. However, if necessary steps aren’t taken, and proper sex education are not provided to the youth, this can potentially result in rapes and immoral acts among youngsters that start from high school and escalate up to their work life.

KIPLINGERS, February 2003:

Sick of pressing #1 for this or #2 for that during a phone call? So does the guy who invented this system.


At age 13, Freeman developed a new form of computer memory, earning top prize at the National Westinghouse (later Intel) Science Fair.

Chris Cordani I highly recommend Freeman Explains for those who want real change. In fact, buy several and give them to your family, send one to your Governor, your Congressman. If you want to fix the world we live in, then be a participant and share the knowledge in this book!

In Freeman Explains, Dr. Michael Freeman, a futurist and legendary inventor offers solutions to the problems about which many of us complain without the desire to push a political agenda. Dr. Freeman digs deeply into what many want changed, but never had the fortitude to discuss in public. We all want to keep kids from internet pornography; Dr. Freeman explains not only how to go about doing so, but goes beneath the surface the multi-layered underlying societal issues attached. He acknowledges there is never a simple answer and we must not simply make rule adjustments, but how attitudes towards the industry, relationships, women and men in American society need to be changed as well. People have complained a long time about election integrity; Dr. Freeman not only says his system will be the safest possible, but makes sure to explain why from several components of the plan without writing down to the reader despite how serious or genuine their stances on the issue. Dr. Freeman opens the reader up to an honest discussion about how society is being led by popular culture gatekeepers have shaped perceptions about people and the new stereotypes perpetrated in entertainment media. He also approaches the nation’s addiction problems, weak parenting and the epidemic of broken homes from different perspectives challenging conventional approaches – with solutions. When politicians say, “We need change,” the intended process and end result of such are subjective at best, perhaps sinister at worst. Predictably, improvement does not happen in favor of either the status quo or a more counter-productive system. While the allure of making things better has come from the mouths a neatly-packaged snake-oil salespeople throughout world history, there are situations and happenings in society which really need to end or be repaired. That’s where Dr. Michael Freeman’s book, FREEMAN EXPLAINS! comes in. I highly recommend Freeman Explains for those who want real change. In fact, buy several and give them to your family, send one to your Governor, your Congressman. If you want to fix the world we live in, then be a participant and share the knowledge in this book!

Lynn Smith.

‘Marriage was invented to protect women.’ This line hit me in so many ways that I couldn’t imagine. Let’s face the facts: our society is full of patriarchy, and women have always suffered at the hands of men who treat them as mere pieces of cloth meant to be used and disposed of. Indeed, marriages can provide a haven for women’s dignity and protect their values. Still, the author also mentions that in today’s world, it is more like a dream than a reality mostly because feminism has taken wrong turns, and women empowerment is likely permitting these ideas to dissolve. Author Michael Freeman has presented his masterpiece ‘Freeman Explains’ in an utterly magnificent way. I salute the author for finally shedding light on social topics that were long concealed in blindfolds. Sex education should be included in youngsters’ academic courses; primarily, young girls should be taught how to stay mindful and alert when traveling alone or working among a crowd of men.

Michael Jordan:

Freeman's 2-XL Robot voice is so popular with kids I asked him to record a national TV commercial for my foundation.


Freeman's Cable TV technology allows advertisers to target their audiences more accurately.

Bob Leinberger

‘Freeman Explains’ by author Michael Freeman is an un-put-down-able read that talks about revolutionizing the major industries but also emphasizes the need to put strict internet privileges for kids, so they don’t immerse themselves in the world of pornography. Immoral websites are explicitly violent, perverted, and belittling females. Young minds need to be engrossed in comprehending the moral values of life and submerge their mind in advancing in the technological fields and contributing to society. But, unfortunately, the dark sides of the internet make them porn addicts from an early age. Because of the plethora of technological progress, Dr. Freeman has flawlessly explained how kids and porn can be technologically alienated through his magnificent works. Readers can find myriad similar miscellanies, but this book goes far beyond all stereotypical perceptions and presents cogent points and noble motives for the youth! I’d recommend everyone to give this book a thorough read, which undoubtedly will be an eye-opener for all concerned parents and guardians!

Linda Costin

I've been a huge admirer of Author Michael Freeman's works in the technological field, which include the creation of touch-tone phone branching, the high-tech advancement that enabled computers to speak, the development of smart toys, and several other works of artificial intelligence and robotics. Among all his work of grandeur, Michael has presented a fascinating book ‘Freeman Explains’ that includes his vast knowledge of tech opportunities as the baseline for deliberating his trepidations about where we exactly are and where we could lead and what are the repercussions of certain possibilities. Freeman states: 'I am a scientist, not an alarmist, and my work is based on fact, wisdom, and disciplined calculations. I correlate behaviors with likely emerging results of such behaviors. I use scientific data when available…In this book, my goal is not to tell (youths especially) what to do. But instead, to lay out the facts so one can make informed decisions.' These lines were immensely inciting that gripped me to read this book! Truly a masterpiece!

75th Anniversary Cover of Playthings Magazine.

Freeman's 2-XL Robot system has ushered in the genre of smart-toys.

Leonard Nimoy.

Freeman's intellect is unique. He helped me prepare for directing a Star Trek movie.

Phil Donahue to his national audience.

Here is an amazing development; a computer that can talk and teach by Michael J. Freeman, Ph.D.


Half of the American voters do not trust how US elections are handled. Tens of millions (both parties) do not trust the existing system. Dr. Freeman says the answer is online elections. Voters could vote from anywhere in the world up to 30 days before Election Day; the results would be as secure as your bank account. He explains how nascent technology holds the key to both of the above.

Hannah Ritter

When we contemplate the thoughts on how the youth of today can outstrip the challenges of tomorrow, we should also reflect on the ideas of how their intellectual thinking can be molded in a way that teaches them the disciplines of life and comprehending the use of scientific data that can undoubtedly result in great triumphs in the fields of modern technology. ‘Freeman Explains’ is a remarkable book written by author Michael Freeman. It focuses on inspiring the present generation to use their naturally gifted talents and skills and shape the world for a better future. This book is among the swoon-worthy reads that explain how thinking can lead a person to thrive in his field. The concept is not based on what they learn or the education they receive; that’s basically the indoctrination everyone gets. But acknowledging how to think is what truly matters. Being taught and explained what to think is the central message of this masterpiece book!

Dr Vanessa Scott

An avant-garde author and doctor Michael Freeman is a prodigy when we talk about modern technology and how it has advanced rapidly. Michael was always enthusiastic about dedicating his time to ground-breaking inventions and focusing on scientific discoveries. He contributed his work to the high-tech world when he introduced everyone to toy robots and new smartphone innovations. And now put efforts into providing solutions to society's ills affecting the developing mind and showcasing how it's poising the mental health of the younger generation. 'Freeman Explains' is a wonderful book everyone should read and share their thoughts with the youth. Dr. Michael has depicted the wrongful use of the internet and emphasized stopping online porn through his thought-provoking narratives and intellectual explanation. He continues to dedicate his services to spreading awareness on note-worthy topics and putting forward his creative innovation, which has turned out to be an important aspect of our world!


Amazon Top 100 hall of fame reviewers. "5-Stars. A must-read book."

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