About The Author

Michael Freeman Ph.D.

The author is extraordinary in many ways. His accomplishments have altered the lives of everyone on the planet, including yours!

He was born with brain damage and, upon entering school, was placed in Special Ed (classified as retarded, the term used at the time; today, probably on the autism scale).

But by age 13, he was suddenly a recognized genius by winning a first-prize grant at The Westinghouse Nation-wide Science Fair (later called Intel). He developed an early form of computer not seen before. A decade later, he showed the world that the output of computers could be verbal, i.e., they talked. Next, he developed the first smart toy with his 2-XL Robots, a commercial success in 12 countries and six languages.

Ever press #1 for this or #2 for that, or zero for an operation during a phone call? Of course, you have, and Freeman is the reason why. It is called ‘phone menus.’ Freeman developed it and licensed his patents worldwide. He says it’s unfortunate that a system initially designed to route calls efficiently, thereby saving companies and callers time, has become a gigantic ‘hold button.’


Although the above claims seem fantastical or exaggerated, all are accurate. You have never heard of Freeman because he says ‘no’ to 99% of interview requests, although he did do the Larry King show several times, but only as Larry’s special guest. Hear for yourself at: www.kingtranscript.com (http://www.kingtranscript.com/), But with this book out, he is putting his privacy on the back burner for   a time.

In the past, Freeman’s ability to predict the need and then create the required technology was second to none. He’s at the top of the list of developers of technology that are successfully commercialized.

But within this book, he takes us into the future. And as he’s done in the past, he has created matching technology to solve today’s problems.

Dr. Freeman explains how kids and online porn can be technologically separated. He says this needs to be done. The average age kids start seeing internet porn is eleven. Yikes! It’s child abusive to let this continue.

About half of Americans have little to no confidence in U.S. elections. Freeman says this needs to change. The health of democracies (worldwide) depends on accurate and believable elections. He tells us elections can be online; voters could cast ballots from anywhere in the world up to thirty days before Election Day. He says (because of nascent technologies) the system would be as secure as your bank account.

He discusses the best method to keep kids off of highly addictive drugs, which he used and lasted his lifetime. He talks about the behavioral side of today’s Politically Correct (PC) weakened state of parenting and why the treatment of women is at an all-time low in America. He discusses more important issues and suggests solutions.

As an extra, as one of the premier inventors in America, Freeman has devoted a chapter on inventor tips, things all budding inventors need to know. He also tells us the fascinating backstories of how he brought many of his ideas, technologies, and inventions to reality. Often it was he alone against some of the largest corporations on earth. His stories are riveting.

You have never read a book like this or met a guy like Michael J. Freeman, Ph.D.