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Freeman Explains

The book is a riveting analysis of our times by an extraordinary individual. His name is Michael J. Freeman, Ph.D., and he has been doing this his entire life, and nobody does it better. He has the uncanny ability to see needs before they occur and create solutions (and often technology) to meet them.

In this book, he does it for us. He peers into America’s future. and identifies problems and areas that must be addressed today. Many of these problems involve the psychological health of children. The book tackles challenging issues, but the author has solutions.

Kids today start seeing porn at the average age of eleven. Internet porn is often violent and utilizes teenagers, witnessing behavior that no kid should see. Freeman says there are (new) technological ways to prevent this from happening, which need to be implemented now.

About half of US citizens have little faith in US elections. Democracy (including those in other parts of the world) cannot exist if the citizenry does not have full confidence in the voting system. Freeman says that voting can now be done online, making it possible to vote from anywhere in the world, and he says the results would be as secure as your bank account.

The legalization of pot for adults creates a whole host of problems for youths. The book talks about how to mitigate these problems.

The book also tackles the treatment of women and why this has become problematic. Females are losing respect every day. The book explains why and offers solutions.

As one professional reviewer put it, “This book was an eye-opener for my husband and me. Since we finished reading it, we’ve been more vigilant in keeping track of all the personal gadgets we give to our children. I’d recommend every parent to give this book a thorough read!”    

Although the above claims seem fantastical or exaggerated, all are accurate. You have never heard of Freeman because he says ‘no’ to 99% of interview requests, although he did do the Larry King show several times, but only as Larry’s special guest. Hear for yourself at: www.kingtranscript.com (http://www.kingtranscript.com/), But with this book out, he is putting his privacy on the back burner for a time.

Freeman’s ability to predict the need and create the required technology is second to none. He’s at the top of the list of developers of technology that are successfully commercialized.

But within this book, he takes us into the future. And as he’s done in the past, he has created matching technology to solve today’s problems.

Dr. Freeman explains how kids and online porn can be technologically separated. He says this needs to be done. The average age kids start seeing internet porn is eleven. Yikes! It’s child abuse to let this continue.

About half of Americans have little to no confidence in U.S. elections. Freeman says this needs to change. The health of democracies (worldwide) depends on accurate and believable elections. He tells us elections can be online; voters could cast ballots from anywhere in the world up to thirty days before Election Day. He says (because of nascent technologies) the system would be as secure as your bank account.

He discusses the best method to keep kids off of highly addictive drugs, which he used and lasted his lifetime. He talks about the behavioral side of today’s Politically Correct (PC) weakened state of parenting and why the treatment of women is at an all-time low in America. He discusses other vital issues and solutions.

As an extra, as one of the premier inventors in America, Freeman has devoted a chapter to inventor tips, things all budding inventors need to know. He also tells us the fascinating backstories of how he brought many of his ideas, technologies, and inventions to reality. Often it was he alone against some of the largest corporations on earth. His stories are riveting.

You have never read a book like this or met a guy like Michael J. Freeman, Ph.D.

Micheal Freeman is exceptional in many respects. Everyone on the earth, including you, has had their lives changed by his accomplishments. He discussed about The most popular social issues in his book which no one prefer to talk openly.

Freeman was born with brain damage and was enrolled in Special Ed when he first started school. But at the age of 13, he unexpectedly became known as a genius after taking home the top prize at The Westinghouse National Science Fair. He created an early, unheard-of type of computer. Ten years later, he demonstrated to the world that computers could produce verbal output—that is, talk. Then, with his 2-XL Robots, a commercial hit in 12 nations and six languages, he created the first smart toy.

Michael Freeman had the unmatched ability to foresee a need and then develop the necessary technology. He has wrote one of the best social science books so far. As a result, he is at the top of the list of innovators whose technologies have been effectively marketed and now a known author of his book Freeman Explains! But Freeman brings us into the future in this book. And much as in the past, he has developed technologies to address current issues.

The social science book is a fascinating examination of our times by a remarkable person. Nobody does it better than Michael J. Freeman, PhD, who has been doing it his entire life. He has a unique talent for identifying needs before they arise and developing solutions—often utilizing technology—to address them.

He delivers it for us in one of the most enthralling social issues books of this time. He sees into the future of America and points out issues and needs that need immediate attention. Many of these issues have to do with children’s mental health. Yet, the author offers solutions even if the book deals with complex themes.

The majority of Americans have little to no faith in the upcoming elections. This, according to Freeman, must change. Elections that are accurate and credible are necessary for the survival of democracies (global). He informs us that up to thirty days before the election, people could cast ballots online from anywhere in the world. He claims the system would be just as secure as your bank account. His book also falls in one of the best books on politics issue.

How children and online pornography can be technologically segregated is explained by Dr Freeman in the book. He claims that this must be done. Eleven is the typical age at which children first access online porn. Allowing this to go on constitutes child abuse.

Legalizing marijuana for adults brings about a myriad of issues for young people. The book discusses several solutions to these issues including parental control over kids. The treatment of women and why this is an issue is another topic covered in the book. Every day, women lose respect. The book provides answers and an explanation of why.

As you’ll discover by reading the book, that not every author would dare to write books on social issues. Nevertheless, Freeman considers several impending issues that demand a quick response. He claims that planning to alter, prevent, or lessen the future is the most significant benefit of accurately anticipating it. According to Dr Freeman, the ability to plan to change one’s destiny gives humans one advantage over all other species on earth.